Sunday, October 27, 2013

12of12: October 2013 (Saturday)

On the 12th of each month, I post 12 photos of my day. The 12th of October was full of music.

[Click on the block of photos to enlarge.]

1. Gifted Music School. 2. I popped in to Gourmandise to grab a quick breakfast while running errands. My hot chocolate tasted like Hershey's. I should have stuck with Les Madeleines. 3. Back to work. Here, the bassist and violin soloist work through their very cool duet during the Piazzolla (Primavera portena). 4. A peek into Studio 1: more rehearsing.

5. Piano through harp strings. 6. My steering wheel was covered in Philly cheesesteak, but I stand by my choice for lunch on the go. 7. Fingerless gloves and sunglasses. It was a gorgeous day for a mountain wedding. 8. Gigging at Snowbasin with Strings of Elegance.

9. My turn to host the girlies for our monthly babysitting swap. Best arrangement ever. 10. Watercolors. 11. Three friends, six stuffed animals, three blankets, three treats, and Mary Poppins. 12. Yes, my man still sleeps under his childhood blanket. (So do his brothers, who have the exact same blanket. So I've heard.)

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