Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The punk and I saw a baby robin hanging out on the railroad ties in our backyard, waiting for its mama to deliver the delicious worm that was dangling from her beak. When she flew into some long vines and he hopped over and joined her, we walked outside to see them. Mama Bird had chosen her hiding place wisely, however, and we couldn't find them. But as we were investigating, another creature took notice and started humming over our heads. A tiny, whirring hummingbird hovered directly over us, then sped off at various angles to check us out. When she figured we weren't dangerous (I guess), she zoomed to a branch directly overhead and landed in her tiny nest. I had never seen a hummingbird nest before! Have you?

The punk calls it a "honeybird."


Debra said...

Just checking in on you and those adorable babies of yours! What lovely photos and such a beautiful story about your son calling them "Honeybirds". I love that and from now on when I see a Hummingbird, I will definitely chuckle at the thought of what your son calls them. Too sweet!

I hope that mommahood is treating you well and that you are enjoying your wonderful children!

Hugs always,

Sarah said...

ummm... perhaps they are related to the honeybadger. If so, we all know that honeybird don't give a crap - and that's why it was so close to you.

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