Saturday, May 19, 2012

12of12: May (Saturday)

Every month on the 12th, I take 12 photos to document my day. It is now one week later and we are all recuperating from last night's red-eye flight home from Maui. Last week, our vacation was just beginning:

1. We said goodbye to the basher. He spent the week with Grandma Caryn, Papa Andy, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jacob, and various friends. 2. Checking in. 3. Cafe Rio at the SLC airport. 4. The punk was a great sport on the plane. He played games, watched movies, and spelled words with his new alphabet cards from Grandma Lynn. 5. Honolulu Airport. So close, but so far away. 6. Aloha! 7. Landing! 8. Our first glimpse of Maui 9. Hello palm trees! 10. Punk, meet the ocean. Ocean, Punk. 11. Frivolity at sunset 12. Goodnight, paradise.

1 comment:

Slimbolala said...

Often thought of doing something similar — a photo an hour through the course of the day, or somesuch. Love seeing it actually done, and love seeing your particular results.

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