Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Solo Date: Downtown

The second hour of my solo date was spent in a tiny sushi restaurant with two books and a notepad. I'm trying to write more. This here blog gives me a nice outlet when I want to share and receive feedback (Is anyone out there?), but I find something almost luxurious in writing just for me. It's not a journal. It's not a novel. It's not a status update. It's just a notebook. There's no pressure for me to record events for my posterity, or to be funny or insightful. My notebook is my safe place where I can write truth or lies and I am the only one with the burden of judging my work.

I spent the first hour on foot with my camera. After I left my boys at the home of a friend (where the legos sucked them in like a tractor beam and they didn't even glance my way as I walked out the door), I was drawn downtown; I wanted to sneak a peek at the new City Creek, which will open later this month.

I was so happy to see that the McIntyre Building is still intact. I was studying math and working in this historic building for a law firm when I met my man. The architect of this building also designed the Utah State Capitol.

When I grow up, I want to be an architect.

It's cold, but there are a few flowers that are trying hard to usher in the next season.

I'm experimenting with different exposures. Obviously, I still have a lot to learn.

I'm glad I wore a scarf. Brrrrr!

In preparing for this solo date, I had considered inviting a friend to join me for dinner or a walk or a pedicure. There are so many friends that I would like to see more often. Uninterrupted adult conversation is so rare these days. But sometimes a girl just needs to be alone with her camera.


Elizabeth said...

This is so great. The last paragraph says it all. That was me last week w my pedi and book.

Mellisa's Moments..... said...

I really need to follow your trend and do solo dates. My solo dates right now consist of running errands by myself and that next to never happens. I bet I'd be a better mom and wife if I could be alone with my thoughts and go off on little adventures. Thanks for inspiring me.

Meili said...

Mellisa, that's what solo dates do for me. I come back refreshed and eager to spend time with my family. I highly recommend them. Of course, you'll need childcare support from friends or family. I was lucky to have a friend's help yesterday with my man out of town.

amy gretchen said...

I have found an "artist date" (as I like to call them) are not only needful but necessary. Life's busy can get to be too much that I need that time to center myself again. I'm glad you took your camera along with you -- I like what you saw.

I love writing in my journal. Heaven forbid anyone ever gets a hold of it because I'm certain it makes no sense whatsoever. I do it for lots of reasons, but one being it helps me to let go of all the stuff bouncing around in my head and frees up space for something new. Don't you ever shut your book and walk away feeling freer?

Lynn Bell said...

I love getting my "Calvin fix" through your blogs. And you think you'll remember all the cute stuff the kids do but you won't..... so keep blogging.

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