Monday, March 19, 2012

365 Days of the Basher

I feel as though he has always been in my life, but it was only 1 year ago that he joined our family. We started the day by baking in our pajamas: 4 round cakes and 12 cupcakes.

Then we went shopping for a birthday present and last-minute supplies, but the punk decided that a birthday celebration did not provide enough excitement for one day, so he concussed himself on the hard floor of the grocery store. Or so I thought. He hit hard and he cried quite a bit, asking me to carry him (and push the cart containing the basher and our groceries, and carry a dozen helium balloons). He was soon very sleepy and lethargic, and he fell fast asleep on the way home. I called his pediatrician in the car; the nurse told me I could let him sleep, but to wake him in 15 minutes to make sure I could rouse him. I couldn't. So with the basher in bed, I loaded the punk back into the car and headed for the ER. Fortunately, we were able to bypass the estimated 4-hour wait at the ER and visit the punk's grandpa in Radiology. After asking the punk some simple questions ("Q: What's the name of the state fish of Hawaii?" "A: Humuhumunukunukuapuaa."), he pronounced him fine and we returned home. Thankfully, the punk felt better after a nap and a spontaneous and sugar-sweet hug from the birthday boy.

I tried to capture a commemorative photo...

But after taking a face full of dirt, he was done.

We celebrated with cake and ice cream and family.

Happy 1st Birthday, Basher Boy!


Diana W. Windley said...

I love the photo of Asher next to the cute!

Brit said...

Happy (late) birthday to one of my favorite little men! We feel like he's been in our lives forever too (and I mean that in the best way!)

suzanne cabrera said...

SOOOO sweet! Happy Birthday Basher!

Glad to hear the Punk is ok too!

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