Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Loving Husband

At church today, the first thing my man said to me was, "You have something on your neck."

"Yeah," I replied. "A giant zit." Yes, I made the cardinal mistake of trying to pop a neck zit minutes before leaving for church, which just made it angry. Very angry.

As we sang the opening hymn, I noticed that my voice is finally starting to return. I lost it over two weeks ago on the drive to Las Vegas, and although my talking voice has (mostly) been back for about a week, my singing voice always takes longer to resurface. I did note, however, that my voice completely gave out on the top note of the melody, a treble D. When I pointed out to my man that I still can't reach that note, he immediately responded, "I'll bet the zit can."

I burst out laughing and couldn't sing the rest of the hymn. This is how we show our affection to each other. He teases me relentlessly about my flaws and I laugh at his jokes made at my expense. I think I'd rather have a foot rub.


Lynn Bell said...

Sorry Meili - what could I have done differently???

Meili said...

Lynn, you done good. Perhaps I'll never get your son to rub my feet, but he keeps me laughing.

Maureen Olsen said...

Andrew and Tim seem very much alike. I think it is better to have an honest man. Hope the voice is back and you are singing your full range.

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