Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Solo Date

My brother David is an angel sent from heaven above. He called me last week to set up a time when he could come over and play with the punk while I took some "me time." That time turned out to be for an hour this morning. I wasn't in the mood to run the errands I had planned, so instead, I grabbed my camera and took off into the canyon for my solo date.

It was just me, the blue skies, the icy trail, and the ferocious, charging dog with different colored eyes. I didn't get a picture of the mutt because of the ferociousness and the charging. But I did get some shots of the other stuff.

It was windy. So very windy.

I had to get a belly shot:

I loved the shadows on the trail.

When I left my house, I didn't think about wearing good shoes. That there would be snow and ice on the trail didn't even cross my mind. So I just rolled up my pants so they wouldn't get wet and hoped I wouldn't end up on my pregnant butt.

The solo date is one of life's best experiences. I recommend that you incorporate this blessed activity into your routine. Amen.

1 comment:

amy gretchen said...

solo dates do wonders for the soul. i am a huge fan.

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