Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curves In All The Right Places

I am now carrying a creature in my abdomen that is 18 inches long and weighs as much as a cantaloupe. This doesn't seem very heavy, but by about 6 pm every day, my hard-working body starts to protest. Yesterday my man looked at me while I was merely walking (read: waddling) across the room and said, "You look uncomfortable." He's very observant.

Know who else is observant? Everyone at church. And my family. And my doctor. When I saw my doctor last week, she walked into the room, took one look at me and said, "Wow! You've really popped!" I guess because I see myself every day, I haven't noticed a significant or sudden change. I just know that I'm big and tired. Then at church on Sunday, I was the recipient of so many comments, I stopped counting. Everyone has started to ask when I am due, and when I say that I have 6 weeks left, most of these well-meaning people blurt out, "That long? I thought you were due this month!" No people, I still have a month and a half of growth for you to witness. Watch out. If you get too close, I might poke your eye out with my belly button. At one point, as I was walking across the room to my seat after playing the opening hymn on the piano, the entire room started twittering and whispering and I just knew they were talking about my large belly. Have you ever sensed the eyes of an entire crowd following you across a room and heard their hushed exclamations to each other? This is what celebrities must feel like, but instead of an eating disorder and Botox, I have squished lungs and a sore pelvic bone.

I believe the dress I wore on Sunday accentuated the baby bump, and that was the reason for the sudden interest in my protruding figure. But yesterday, while wearing something a little less curvy, I had the following conversation with my man:

Me: "Do you think I look less large today than I did in my Sunday dress?"
The Man: "No."

Unfailing honesty. I can always count on him for that.


Erin said...

Meili, you are SO FUNNY! This is the first time I have seen your blog and I absolutely LOVED reading it. You're a fantastic writer.

Hey, I feel your pain with the whole pain and protruding belly thing!! :)

amy gretchen said...

i can always count on my man for that sort of honesty as well. count yourself lucky :)

I think you look beautiful. you glow and i love it. embrace it because it will be over before you know it...of course maybe that's exactly what you're hoping for. Can't wait to meet your little guy.

Heather B said...

I am getting the same type of comments at church and I HATE IT!!! Totally relating to this post. I also had to change outfits a few times on Sunday, with the help of my hubby's opinions. I keep having to explain to him the rule: I can look my actual size, or smaller, but I will NOT wear anything that makes me look LARGER than I really am! And it's HIS job to tell me which outfits those are! But he tends to think I'm just big, and it doesn't matter what I wear. I do NOT agree. :)

Sally said...

I love your first sentence. The little (big) parasite!

Brit said...

ah yes, the late third trimester. I will not mention how adorable your bump is, but rather will concur with Amy that you glow, and I love it too. Can't wait to meet punk #2

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