Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vitamin D

Today, the punk begged me for a brisk February outing, so I obliged. I bundled him up in his blue sweater, striped scarf, and thumbless mittens, and we took off. We saw many wondrous things along the way,

including water draining into a grate (which we heard before we saw).

We also climbed hills,

blew snot bubbles,

and pointed at barking doggies.

Oh, the life we lead. So magical.


Heather said...

My favorite part...blowing snot bubbles!

Diane D. said...

Hi Meili! I love the narrations of your day. You remind me of how much motherhood can be enjoyed, as I tend to forget that a lot these days. So thanks! That's cool that you are doing things outside of mothering that you enjoy so much too. Way to go!

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