Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Married Couples

My man and I rarely dress alike. When we go out, I tend to dress up a little more than he does. When I was working - in an actual office - I had to dress a little nicer than he did. So it would follow that I kept a similar look in my going out attire. I would just change my skirt for a nice pair of jeans, but keep the formal top and high heels, even if we were just going to a friend's house to watch a game and eat pizza. So you would think that now that I spend most of my time at home, the man would outdress me when we go out. Not so. Now, when I have the opportunity to present myself to the world, I like to get all gussied up. (Although, in my time at home, I have developed a lower tolerance for 4-inch heels. The 2 1/2 inch breed is more my style now.)

My point is that my man and I rarely dress at the same formality level. The only time we really do is at church, but we tend to have pretty different styles so even when we're both wearing church clothes, we rarely look like we dressed to match. Of course, we tend to verify the phrase, "opposites attract" in more aspects of our life than our fashion sense.

These couples must have a lot in common with each other. When I first noticed my friends in the row in front of me, I was amused that their sweaters had the exact same stitch. And I thought, "Wow. Married couples do start to look alike." And then I noticed the couple in front of them. Both wearing blazers (do we still call them blazers?) with shoulder pads, I think. Tee hee.

And yes, I realize how inappropriate it was to snap a photo in sacrament meeting. I just couldn't resist sharing this moment with you.


Mellisa's Moments..... said...

WHO take pictures of people during sacrament?? LOL you crack me up! I love reading your blog!

suzanne cabrera said...

Hahaha...cute...very cute.

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