Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Day At A Time

I've been asked what a regular day looks like for me. To be honest, most of my days are pretty darn awesome. I am my own boss, which is a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing. I set my own schedule and I determine how much I accomplish. This becomes a curse when my personal demons rear their ugly heads and I sink into laziness... but for the most part, I feel fulfilled and incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do. There are ups and downs to each day as a stay at home mom. Take today for example...

Because we kept the punk out too late last night, he overslept by AN HOUR this morning! Do you realize how glorious that is? This means that I also slept in, and I am a girl who luuuuuves to sleep in but rarely has the opportunity anymore, even on weekends! Yes, yes, life is tragic. But not today because the punk slept in!

I made myself a semi-naughty breakfast. The naughty part was the fried eggs and two slices of whole wheat toast with butter and apricot jam. The semi part was that I overcame the temptation to make hot chocolate. I had orange juice instead. And, of course, I shared with the punk, as I always do.

The little guy usually takes his morning nap from 10:00-12:00, but since he got up at 8:00, he wasn't quite ready to go down at 10:00. I kept him up for 30 extra minutes, hoping that would be enough. It wasn't. I put him down in his crib after rocking and singing for a while, but I knew he wasn't going to fall asleep. After spending about 20 minutes on the phone with my bank, I went back into his room and found him standing up in his crib (as is usual if he's not asleep), but he had taken his pants off! I didn't know he could do that! It was immediately apparent that he needed a diaper change, so I picked him up to fix his business, but noticed that an unpleasant green substance was threatening to squish out of his diaper onto his legs, and my hands. So into the bath he went! I figured this was just his way to make up for his neglected bath last night. I laid him down on a towel on the bathroom floor to undress him. After cleaning up his green mess (and may I just say - yuck!), I turned on the water in the tub. After finding the perfect temperature, I looked down at the naked punk who was peeing all over the tub, the floor, and the towel. I just nodded. Yup. Sounds about right.

After his warm bath, he slept and I showered. Then I ate lunch (peanut butter and honey on whole wheat with an arugula salad) while he danced to his singing toys and begged for pieces of my sandwich. After I fed him his lunch of cheese and bananas, we set off to run some errands.
Store to buy bigger bottles? Check.
Pharmacy? Check.
Bank? Check.
Stamps? Check.

While I was out, I must say that I was a rock star at avoiding all the temptations in my way. I gave Starbucks (hot chocolate) the cold shoulder. I bit my thumb in the general direction of Red Mango (plain yogurt blender with blueberries and Ghirardelli dark chocolate). I scoffed at McDonalds (apple pie) and Wendy's (frosty). Yes, this is what my life is. A series of seemingly life or death decisions about treats.

Then it was time for the punk's afternoon nap. Trying to put him down was the highlight of my day. After changing his diaper, I started tickling him a bit. He was giggling so much that I couldn't resist! I got his chubby thighs, his little toes, and the soft spot under his chin. This spot elicits a deep belly laugh that makes my heart sing. So naturally, when I wrapped him up in his blanket and expected him to close his eyes, he was still grinning at me, expecting fun time. When I kissed him on the cheek, he laughed. Then as I stood, rocking back and forth and humming a lullaby, he threw his head back so it was upside down and laughed as I moved from side to side. I couldn't be mad at the little grinning thing. I had started it! It's times like these when things aren't going according to the plan or the schedule that I step back and just smile. I have the best job there is.


Becky Youkstetter said...

Thanks Meili. I really want a baby and you are NOT helping things.

Emily Ortiz said...

Wow little Calvin is getting so big. He looks grown up in that first picture with the little shirt on. So cute! Your day sounds nice. Very ambitious of you to make yourself breakfast. I often think of that but nah it doesn't happen!

Bretzing Fam said...

Really doing my best to resist saying...wait till you have 2...(or 3) but my filter isn't working....bah hahahahah!I miss those days of having one kid. I wouldn't trade it but enjoy the time you have with just him! Your life sounds like mine did 5 years 3.5 years ago. Before big T was born.

Mary said...

That was one of my favorites so far - thanks!

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