Monday, July 13, 2009

Thinking Inside The Box

The following statement may shock some of you. I am not a patient person. It's true. Patience is not a virtue; it's a nuisance. So when we decided to take the steps to sell our house and move to Salt Lake to be closer to family, I was immediately ready to get going.

Tangent: When my man and I were dating, it took me several months (translation: years in Mormon world) to decide he was the one I wanted to be with forever. He was, and happens to still be, 7 years my senior, so I didn't want to waste his precious 20s if I wasn't completely sure after 3 dates that he was my soul mate. Fortunately, and contrary to local culture, he wasn't in any hurry to get hitched, and assured me that I didn't have to be sure of our future at that time. After 11 months (translation: years in Mormon world), I came to the conclusion that, despite our rival alma maters, we should tie the knot. The second I made that decision, I wanted a ring on my finger. I wanted a wedding date, a dress, and a gift registry, and I wanted them immediately! Hey blonde, muscular dude: when are you going to officially propose, and are we married yet?

Fast forward 5 1/2 years: It was December. We had celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in May, and had yet to procreate. We had enjoyed some time as a married couple without kids and traveled to exotic places like Paris, Hawaii, and Provo. Our parents had stopped asking us about having kids 4 years before. It was time. The first month after making the decision, I bought a pregnancy test. With hands shaking and stomach in knots, I wandered the grocery store, sure that every eye was on me... the agitated girl clutching the pink box. I told myself that I was not ready for a positive result, and then plunged into the depths of despair when it was negative. Three impossibly long months later, the plus sign upended our comfortable lives. And then (can you believe this...?) we had to wait 9 months more for the kid to show up!

Back to the present: Three weeks after we listed our house, we received an offer. Unless the buyers back out, we are moving in 10 days. And holy crap, we don't have a new house! We are homeless in 10 days and counting... There's no time to become impatient this time!

P.S. Do you think we should stuff the box with styrofoam peanuts, or will crumpled newspapers do?


Sally said...

Boxes were always the best toys... I'm glad the punk has already discovered this.
I can't believe you're moving so fast! Glad you're coming this way soon.

Heather said...

Crumpled newspaper! :) Good luck with the house hunting but enjoy the rent free living for a short time.

Quela said...

Since when did Provo become exotic??

Agent Pepper said...

I beg to differ...packing peanuts, they're WAY more fun to play with. : )

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