Friday, March 20, 2009

Table Manners

This morning I was extra hungry after my workout, so I made myself what I call a "weekend breakfast:" scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and hot chocolate. I timed my preparations perfectly so that I could eat while the little dude was nursing. Yes, I'm very coordinated that way... or so I thought.

Twenty minutes later, I found a piece of toast in his hair and egg in his neck. 

Nice, Mama.


Brit said...

I've totally been there! ha
I think I'm all awesome that I'm this extreme multi-tasker and then, voila, reality checks in on you! lol

Habs said...

I heard on the radio last week a story about a woman who was pulled over for breast feeding while driving her car. THAT'S talent:) But please don't try it!

Megan said...

I always felt a little funny nursing and eating at the same time...but I did it anyway!

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