Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Thing #6

This year, my man was in charge of planning Valentine's Day. (I get the anniversary - any ideas?) So on Saturday, after I fed the punk at 5:45 am, my valentine and I threw on hats and sweats and got in the car for our

Valentine's Day Breakfast!

We drove through the early morning snow to a place called Doug And Emmy's, which is a little cafe housed in a building with white siding and red brick; it used to be an old railroad station. It's the kind of place that serves dishes named for the regulars, like Bubba's Short Stack or Big Tom's Bacon & Eggs. I very much enjoyed my pancakes. They were cooked on a griddle filled with flavorful, fattening butter. I could tell because of the crisp, marbled outside and the almost-gooey inside. Mmmmm. And my hot chocolate came with about 6 inches of whipped cream on top! I couldn't ask for a better Valentine's celebration. I think we've found a new tradition! 

Hey, if I declare it an annual tradition, I won't have to plan our celebration of love next year! Done.

How did you celebrate your jour d'amour?


Brit said...

at the last minute got free babysitting thanks to Matt's sisters, so we ran around to like 5 restaurants, all of which had 90+ minutes wait, settled on a Brazilian place that was overcrowded, overpriced, and bad service. we've decided to go out to dinner on February 15th from now on.

Agent Pepper said...

I went to a chick flick with Kenzie and Adriana because we didn't have valentines of our own.

(He's Just Not That Into was pretty good.)

Sarah Garner said...

mmmmm.... I LOVE Doug and Emmys! If you like their pancakes you should try their ginormous scones. They are served with honey butter and melt in your mouth. Did I mention they are the size of your entire plate?!!!

MMmmmmm fried carb yumminess!

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