Friday, October 17, 2008

New Find Friday: Design*Sponge

Do you ever imagine yourself living a totally different life? Do you wonder if you could just overhaul your entire environment and start somewhere else? I'm not talking about becoming a different person. I'm talking about doing and seeing and creating things that are nothing like what you do and see and create in your current life. 

If I were to do this, I would choose to live in a small, old flat (you can't call it an apartment because it's too chic) in a big city where the moldings and the wood floors are original and the electric and plumbing are brand spanking new. Of course, the stove would be retro in appearance, yet modern in function, and the kitchen counters would be a combination of concrete and old-school butcher block. I would have elaborate wallpaper only in small quantities in small corners of the house. I would have a sofa like this (I would normally say "couch," not "sofa," but you can't call this a couch. Again, too chic):

My man and I would eat breakfast at our favorite corner coffee shop every morning because in my dream, my man loves hot chocolate and croissants almost as much as I do. We would visit libraries and museums on crisp, fall weekend days, wrapped snugly in our scarves and long jackets.

On that note...

I visit three blogs daily. One of them is a recent discovery, and it fills me with creative energy every time I visit. Design*Sponge rocks my world.

One of my favorite segments of the site is called DIY Wednesdays. Will I ever actually execute any of these projects? Probably not. But it's fun to dream. Some of the DIY projects are waaay too cheesy and "crafty" for my taste, but check this out. It's a picture frame tray! 

How perfect would this be to hold my steaming mug of rich hot chocolate and buttery croissant while I read Jane Austen on my fabulous red sofa?


Habs said...

I may have a little crush on you after this post.

Mary said...

Ahhh, wouldn't that life be maaavalous!

Sarah said...

a) just bookedmarked that website.
b) In my busy metropolitan-faux-life I would walk into the (probably the same) local patissarie and get a hot chocolate and pastrie to-go every day in a chique (ironed) business suit. I would stay and chat some days, but others be off to a very big appointment, and so have to get back into my hired car and get to work.

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