Friday, June 22, 2012

Play Me, I'm Yours

Ten painted pianos have been installed on the streets of Downtown Salt Lake City for our enjoyment. This project called Play Me, I'm Yours by British artist Luke Jerram is presented by the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, and is on display through the end of June. The public is invited to sit down and play Mary Had A Little Lamb (the punk's current masterpiece), Solfeggettio by Bach (a piece I learned in junior high, and the only one I have memorized), Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (a black-keys-only number, which Grandma Caryn taught the punk today), or a personal composition (which the basher shared with his grand audience of bicyclists and passersby).

Go! Play! Enjoy!
(Here's the website, with a map of the piano locations.)

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