Saturday, June 23, 2012

Having Fun Is Hard Work

The slogan of this year's Utah Arts Festival is "Look Dirty. Have Long Man-Hair." I didn't see this slogan in print, but I did see lots of festivalers who took it to heart. 

We took the boys to the Arts Festival in the hope that with exposure to art, music, and diverse crowds (scruffy dudes included), they will develop an appreciation for our lovely city and the people in it. It is my hope that my man and I will always be able to provide a level of exposure to the arts, sports, social groups, and nature that will enhance our boys' lives and help them to grow up to be self-aware, compassionate, and educated. All these hopes and expectations, however, must be tempered during a family outing with two little guys. The lofty goal of cultural enlightenment takes a back seat to the immediate realities of heat (100 degrees), hunger, fatigue, and little-boyness.

We spent 90% of our time in the Art Yard where the boys visited the musical instrument petting zoo, listened to an animated storyteller, enjoyed sandwiches and chocolate milk, and made their own works of art. Maybe someday, we'll be able to visit the grown-up section of the festival. Until then, we will do our best to balance education with enjoyment.

Me: "You look confused."
Tim: "That's just my face."

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