Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12of12: October (Wednesday)

1. The basher now happily crawls all over the house. The punk thought it would be fun to join him on the floor during breakfast. 2.
My great friend Brittany offered to take the punk during the basher's morning nap so I could have a break, as my man has been traveling quite a bit. However, the basher has been taking shortened naps, presumably because he wants to practice his new crawling and standing skills. I was counting on more time to clean, but decided to make the most of his wakefulness and enjoy some one-on-one time with my baby. 3. My man called with some good news: he will be home from his current business trip one day early! (This photo was taken long before I met the guy. Yowza!) 4. I went to retrieve my punk and join Brit and her girlies for a delicious lunch of roasted red pepper soup and grilled cheese. This is my lovely little friend D.

5. The kiddos painted pumpkins from their great-grandpa's garden. 6. This photo is misleading. It shows what I was going to do after I cleaned and before the boys awoke from their afternoon naps. Again, the basher had different plans. No break for me. 7. Although the leaves have turned on the mountain, our yard is still holding on to summer. 8. I am loving my new role as piano teacher. I even paid my babysitter to stay 30 minutes longer so I could practice, uninterrupted.

9. The boys and I went on a short walk in Millcreek Canyon. It turned out to be colder than I had anticipated and the punk wanted to go back to the warm car. 10. But the colors were so beautiful! 11. This gorgeous sunset welcomed us back into the valley. The orange clouds swept the entire sky. 12. My friend and neighbor does a weekly dinner swap with me. I cook for both our families on Mondays. Tonight was her turn to cook: beef and broccoli, garden salad, & pear and raspberry tart. I enjoyed my dinner while watching Modern Family after I put the boys to bed.


kylee said...

love that you have pumpkins from your grandpa's garden. piano teacher?! ahhh i have always wanted to learn how to play. the colors really are amazing in the mountains right now. i went for a drive with my mom a couple weeks ago and squealed like a child who had never seen fall before. it was amazing. love the dinner swap idea. what a great way to relieve some weekly stress!

Megan said...

I love your sunset picture! Beautiful!

Heather said...

All Bell's must look alike!

amy gretchen said...

After reading all that I was thinking, was that just one day. Good stuff.

Love the photos from the canyon. I still haven't been to the canyon yet this season with my girls and I should right now because i hear it's only going to get cooler.

The nap thing is always hard. I would think with all his moving around he'd be more tired--what gives??

the first photo is my fav. so cute.

glad Time coming home allowed me to see you today. been too long.

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