Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today I'm Grateful For...

a man who likes to play with his boys
opportunities that encourage me to leap
years of music lessons that have turned into fun & income
boys that adore each other
surprise treats from friends
skin that heals itself
shrieks and giggles
play dates
concurrent naps
weekly dinner swap

What are you grateful for?

1 comment:

Brit said...

a body that can run and stretch and go the distance
dissonance, because it makes harmony all the sweeter
girlie giggles and songs
running outside on September mornings
friendships that grow deeper with time
My friend Calvin
tomatoes from the garden
the way my daughters look at me with such trust, and love, and understanding in their eyes
a husband who will play dollies with his daughters while watching a BYU football game

And I'm grateful that life is such an excellent teacher.

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