Monday, September 26, 2011


The basher helped me pick some apples in the backyard this afternoon to use for dinner.

I used one apple in a new recipe that was TO DIE FOR! Butternut squash soup. This luscious concoction is officially my new favorite soup. Wowzers! So delicious! The butternut squash came from my parents' garden, as did the tomatoes I used for my side dish.

After dinner, we picked more apples.

Then we ate apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. It's been an apple-licious day!

For the soup recipe, visit me here. Seriously, do it. Yum.


Brit said...

so glad you liked the soup! I thought it was amazing too, especially with a home grown squash. Look at all those apples too! What are you going to do with all of them??

Rachel said...

Okay, I'm getting on a plane and coming home right now. I can't handle cafeteria food anymore when you keep blogging about your wonderful food creations that, if I were home, I would most likely be taking part of.

amy gretchen said...

Sold. Can't wait to try the soup recipe for myself. Thanks for always sharing the deliciousness in your life.

Meili said...

Brit, I might attempt apple sauce. We shall see.

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