Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sister Day

Once upon a time, a 7 year-old girl sat in the room she shared with her sister, 12 years her senior. She was considering the current holiday, Mother's Day. She asked her big sis, "There's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day. Is there a Sister Day?" Big Sis said, "No, but we could make one." And behold! Sister Day was born.

Little Sis and I have celebrated Sister Day every year since then. We exchange gifts, we plan activities, we spend time.

She gave me this awesome mirror and a mug with a monogrammed M, perfect for hot chocolate.

I gave her the necklace in my friend Amy's blog post, seen here.

Amy also spent some time with us, taking pictures for Little Sis, who is graduating from high school in a few weeks.

Then Sister and I went out for lunch (Star of India), hot chocolate (Starbucks), a stroll (The Gateway), a movie (Something Borrowed), and dinner (Happy Sumo). Ahhhhh, bliss!

Then I had to get home to my baby before my boobs exploded.

If you have a sister, I highly recommend starting a Sister Day tradition of your own. Join us next year on the Saturday after Mother's Day. Spread the Sister Love!


Rachel said...

It's definitely my favorite holiday too!

Julie Carlile said...

How fun! I wish I had a sister :( How was Something Borrowed? I really want to go see it.

Brit said...

ha! I saw those mugs Saturday and totally thought of you, actually almost bought one FOR you! glad I didn't. Apparently, you, Rachel and I all have great taste (but we already knew that!)

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