Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mood Swings and a Full Moon

This is the view that greeted me from my bedroom window this morning when the punk's soft pajama-clad feet came padding into my room. He blessed me with an agreeable wake-up time: 7:30! This was a welcome change from the early six o'clock hour he's been favoring lately. This beautiful sight (and my well-rested body and mind) helped me to begin my day with a smile.

I've been struggling lately with a negative outlook. The pregnancy hormones, aching back, stinging sciatic nerve, heartburn, and fatigue have been getting to me. But after a nice rest and a happy sunrise with a (nearly) full moon setting, I was suddenly reminded of the way I felt immediately following the birth of the punk. In the 3 minutes that followed his arrival, I experienced an empowering euphoria that I'm not sure I've ever experienced before or since. (The closest thing to it was at the finish line of my 1/2 marathon in 2007.) While the doctor was weighing, measuring and cleaning my babe, I had the overwhelming sensation that I could totally, without question, do this again. I wanted to be pregnant immediately and have the chance to experience labor and delivery again as soon as possible.

Well, here I am. Nine weeks away from delivery. Although that powerful euphoria has long since left me, today I'm thinking maybe I will be able to handle it after all.


Lynn Bell said...

I like this entry because I too saw this beautiful moon hanging low at the edge of the Salt Lake Valley and like you had a moment of “you can do this”. For a few years I had a quote in my kitchen that said, “I never said it would be easy - I said it would be worth it”. I can’t really remember which child or difficulty I was trying to get through but the thought has always been a comfort in difficult times. And just think of our end results. You get Punk Deux and I get to walk painfree. Probably about the same time in March!

Brit said...

good for you, Mei. Sometimes it's the small things that get us through our greatest challenges.

and Lynne, I love the title Punk Deux!

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