Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reprimanded by the Sewer Lady

We closed on our house today!

In preparation for becoming owners of the new (0ld) house, I had to make some phone calls this week. I called Salt Lake County to ask about setting up the water and sewer in our name. The bored-sounding lady at 411 gave me the number to the incorrect department at the county, but luckily, the lady at the county was very nice and helpful. She offered to give me the correct numbers for water and sewer. Yes, there are two separate numbers. Nothing is easy when dealing with this stuff, right?

So she rattled off the first number, and I said, "Okay, can you wait just one second while I write that down?" I put her on hold and wrote the number into my "notes" app on my phone. Did I mention I was driving at the time? Yes, I was driving. Last week I saw a story on the news about a poor, unfortunate soul who, while texting in his car, swerved into the oncoming lane and killed the two men in the other car, who both had wives and kids. The texter was so remorseful, so sad and small and broken that he made me cry. (Does anything NOT make me cry?) And he made me vow to never text while driving again. Yes, I've done it before. Not often, but once in a while. And I've Facebooked while driving too. I am the devil! But not anymore. The news story, which also stated that one is 26 times more likely to be involved in an accident while texting, convinced me to never text again at the wheel... until 5 days later, when I put the sewer lady on hold to write the number into my notes. I knew as I was doing this that it wasn't the smartest thing to do. If it were just one number, I could have remembered it and dialed immediately after hanging up with her. But no, another number was on its way, and one can't be expected to remember two 7-digit numbers at the same time, right?

So after I put the number into my notes and returned to my call with the sewer lady, she kindly asked, "Are you driving?" Immediately, I felt sheepish.

"Yes," I answered.

"In order to give you this next number, I am going to have to ask you to pull over."

It was a good idea. A solid, smart idea. But I was on the freeway.

Sensing my hesitation, she asked, "Are you on the freeway?"

"Yes I am. I will just give you a call when I get home; how about that?"

And the nice sewer lady then volunteered to call me back and leave the two numbers on my voice mail. Never had I worked with someone at a government office who was so accommodating, but who made me feel like I was in 4th grade all over again.

Now I have two reasons never to text while driving again. The news story and the sewer lady.

P.S. I took this picture while driving the other day. It made me laugh. Clearly, I have no self-control and someone needs to confiscate my iPhone in the car.


Bretzing Fam said...

hahahahahhahahhahhahahahahahahaha seriously Meili you make me laugh. No more texting while driving. But still so funny that truck pic is so funny too. When you get settled we should get together!

Heather said...

What a nice sewer lady! And yes, like Erin said, you make me laugh and I love the picture, not something you see everyday!

Agent Pepper said...

Mom would not have hesitated to slap you right across the face if she were in the car with you while you were texting. She has no mercy with me (not that I've even done it yet).

Sarah said...

I've texted, emailed, facebooked and IMed while in the car. It's something I'm trying desperately to stop. Thanks for the motivation.

Elizabeth said...

Hilarious. Although, I do think you should let the nice lady's manager know how accommodating she was. She deserves an award or something. Maybe you can send her a "thank you" text while driving? Check again.

Bundy Family said...

I cried too when I saw the story, so you are not the only one. I would have to agree that was one of the nicest government employees I've ever heard of. Congrats on closing on the house. When do we get to see more pics?

Jill Johnson said...

Move to Las Vegas, it's not a law here yet. You can text, but still have 26 times more likely to crash, crazy.

Pictures of the house please!

Anonymous said...

Was my grandson in the car with you while you were texting??? We need to talk!

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