Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ice Cream in the Bubble Bath

At least once every day, I may be seen with a spill or a collection of crumbs down the front of my shirt. It's really quite becoming. I have two shelves where I store my leftover food. The lower shelf is slightly larger than the top shelf these days. I miss the days of only one shelf. Am I being too ambiguous, or do you catch my drift?

Did you know that it is possible to spill food on yourself while attempting to bathe? It is. Last night, I found myself with a generous glob of chocolate ice cream on my bare belly while enjoying a soothing bubble bath. Oh yes. I am talented. Try not to be jealous of this gift.


Bundy Family said...

Hey I spill on my 2nd shelf when it isn't even there all the time. Don't worry soon it will be gone you can roll around comfortably in your bed again.

nancypants said...

bathing and eating ice cream? That is the life!! :^D

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