Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The last time I played a board game with my man, it was eight years ago, and it ended badly. We had bought a game of Checkers for $1.50 because we were poor newlyweds and we thought it might be fun to spend our weekends engaging in repeated games of mindless frivolity. He won the first round in about 90 seconds, so I was determined to redeem myself during round two. When it quickly became apparent that he was about to whip me again, I knocked over the board and stormed out of the room.

Yes, really.

So I thought it was mighty brave of the man to present me with a game of Scrabble for Christmas this year. (The punk calls it Scramble. He likes to make "words" and ask us what they say. We're getting pretty good at reading words without vowels.) Tonight, with the boys in bed, we played our inaugural match. Even when I thought I was going to lose, I had a smile on my face. With The Princess Bride playing in the background, a dose of homemade hot cocoa in my belly, and my man smiling at me across the table, I couldn't help but enjoy myself, even if my score was suffering. But then guess who lost when his wife made a comeback with the word "quell?"

This guy.

We need a lot of practice. I don't think either of us ever played a word exceeding 5 letters. But I am happy that we have found an activity both of us can enjoy together (as long as the right person wins).


Danelle said...

The first board game my husband and I played together after getting married was Risk, with all it's battling and attacking. Scrabble would have been a much better (less confrontational) choice.

Becky Youkstetter said...

Seth kills me at Scrabble nearly every time we play. In fact, I refused to play it for years because the amount he killed me just made it no fun. However I've got my stride and I'll even suggest it now. :)

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