Saturday, February 4, 2012

Runner's Low

Gretchen and I started our run uphill. Maybe this is where it all went wrong: at the beginning. When given a choice between uphill and downhill, when the end goal of completing 8 miles is not dependent upon this choice, what would a sane person choose? Yes, this must have been the decision that sealed our fate, because it was all uphill from there. Figuratively, I mean.

The wind.

The wind was frigid. Strong. Miserable. And heading south, which was not optimal, as we were running north. Well, we were trying to run north. I think at more than one point, we resembled a large black bird we saw with wings outstretched, facing the wind and going absolutely nowhere. While Mother Nature may have been providing entertainment for this winged creature, she was not doing us humans any favors. There is an overpass that connects bikers, runners, and pedestrians from one side of Parley's Canyon to the other. Crossing above the freeway that runs up the canyon was like trying to run through a tornado. The canyon was the perfect chute for the icy air to gather momentum and explode in our now numb faces. It took us 34 minutes to complete the first 3.2 miles. Possibly my worst 5K time ever.

The rest of the run was spent in survival mode. Just keep running. Just keep running.

So why do I find myself smiling when I think about the 8.5 miles we accomplished this morning? Because I did it with a friend. Because we laughed (and yelled and complained) through the tough spots. Because Blue Plate Diner was our destination, and chocolate milk and a giant omelette was my reward. Because the last time I ran that far was five years and two children ago. Because I can do hard things.


Brit said...

inspiring! (I may or may not have teared up.)

Way to go! Can't wait for April

amy gretchen said...

I think i would have thrown in the towel long before blue plate if i had not been running with you. Definitely made the run not only doable, but fun. Glad we could laugh about it in the end while enjoying our caloric breakfast. Thanks for getting me out there.

And thanks for the minutes with your foam roller. My legs are feeling so much better.


Tara said...

Way to go! I just discovered Blue Plate Diner this year. Love their omelets!

Megan said...

You are so tough!!

Spring training is hard work.

I can't wait to hear about your half marathon!

Julie Carlile said...

Oh I love this post! You should do the half in March with me to help you prepare for April. :) Which one are you doing in April?

Sarah said...

You can do hard things... CLEARLY.

Meili said...

Thanks for all the love, girls.

Julie, I'm running the Hollywood Half Marathon (yes, in CA) in April.

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