Monday, January 16, 2012

The Perils of Nordstrom

I walked into Nordstom on a resolute quest for boots. I'm looking for something with a heel (at my man's request), but not too tall. Something I can wear with one kid on my hip, one kid holding my hand, and a bottomless Mary Poppins carpet bag on my shoulder. And something with a little flare, i.e. a buckle or two, but not too over the top. No fur, no fringe. Just a sexy but functional mid-heel boot. So basically something that doesn't exist.

But then I spotted them. Mid-heel. Two buckles. Interesting greyish color. Nice height. I must try them on and purchase them and snuggle with them under a blanket by a romantic fire. So I picked up the display boot to check the price on the bottom, but alas. The sticker was missing. I asked the closest salesperson if he knew the price of my new best friends. Without skipping a beat, he replied, "They're three-hundred and ninety-five dollars."

I snorted and almost said, "Pshyeah right!" Then I noticed that he wasn't smiling. "Oh." I said. "Really?"

"Yes," he said. "They're [some uber-fancy brand that I've never heard of]." (Did I imagine his almost pitying look of distain?)

I turned and almost crawled back to the table to replace the boot on its pedestal to await its true owner. Goodbye, fickle friend.


Lynn Bell said...

At least you are young - imagine an old person picking up that same boot and receiving and even deeper look of disdain when the question of cost came up. The look I was given (I think it was the same boot .. same amount of cash anyway) was laced with "not for anyone over 35" along with the disdain.
Try Dillards.

Julie Carlile said...

Ha hilarious! You must be like me and have expensive taste. I always seem to find the most expensive item of whatever I am looking for. :)

Anonymous said... is my go-to for things like that. Good luck!

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