Monday, August 30, 2010

My Favorite Things

(A Sunday morning breakfast in January.
No photo from this morning.)

I woke up to my favorite kind of morning. Purple lightening was flashing through the early morning darkness, and thunder rumbling in the distance. Then came the pitter-patter of cool raindrops. I was so elated with the stormy August morning that I didn't even mind when the punk woke up early, probably by the same strange atmosphere that awakened me. We snuggled under my covers for a while, punk watching Sesame Street and mama dozing. Then we got up and had breakfast: Cheerios with banana slices for the punk and hot chocolate with buttered whole wheat toast for mama.

You know how you feel when the first warm, sunny day appears after a long, dreary winter? You hear the birds chirping and feel the yellow sun streaming in through the windows, and you take a deep breath and thank Mother Nature for this new season? Well, what spring is to many people, fall is to me. I feel happy, even giddy, when I pull on a sweatshirt and start warming my milk on the stove while the rain falls outside.

In honor of the first rainy day this season, I hereby present a list of my favorite things. I would love it if you would share your list with me too!

Rainy days
My dad's fresh tomato soup
A good book
The soft spot under the punk's chin
Hot chocolate
The Sound of Music
Falling leaves
Clean sheets
A long hug
Morning at my grandpa's ranch
Talking with a friend, one on one
Throwing a really great party
An hour to myself
Fall sweaters
My purple rain boots with skinny jeans

Have a lovely, wet day!


Sarah said...

I had too many favorite things. I had to blog myself... but you were the insparation.

Rach said...

My favorite things...

Making my bed right before I sleep
Thunder storms
The color of my hair
A good book
Time with my siblings
Good music
Accomplishing a piano piece
Waking up to a cold morning in a warm bed
A good pair of jeans
A long, hard, teary, laugh

There's more but a lot of them were the same as yours and I didn't want to seem too similar.

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