Monday, July 12, 2010

Will Run for Sanity

Last night, I was in a bad place. Everything around me was irritating. Everything made me mad or annoyed or caused me to roll my eyes and walk out of the room. Of course, none of this was my fault. The dark, unfeeling world was provoking me!

But then this morning, against my better judgment, I went running for the first time in a week and a half. (Running is always against my better judgment. Why would a person willingly and repeatedly do this to herself?) It was beyond tough. I only ran 3 miles instead of my usual 4 because I had a time constraint. But despite the relief that should have come from slicing that mile off my workout, I felt like I had lead feet AND a giant rubber band tethering me to a light pole down the street. I couldn't catch my breath. I wanted to stop and walk the last mile, but I knew that if I did that, I would make my man miss his flight because I would never make it home. He would have had to come scrape me off the side of the road if I didn't force my legs to continue their movement.

So I ran. And I ran some more. And I didn't die. I walked in the door, kissed my man goodbye, and then didn't stop smiling for several hours. I was more patient and loving with the punk. I enjoyed the moments in my routine that may be considered mundane. I was more appreciative and more helpful and more fun.

All because of a few little endorphins.


Julie Carlile said...

So true how you dread the work out but then after feel so good. I hate running to just go out and do it, I enjoy it much more with a friend or a race where I get lots of free things and a picture to post. :)

amyfm said...

i run for sanity too and if it weren't for you needing to get back to tim i'm not sure I would have had the strength to keep going. it makes it so much easier to do with someone else. glad to have you as my wing man.

Brit said...

hear hear! And because I read your story, I will be inspired as I run early tomorrow morning and chase after my own dose of endorphins!

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