Monday, December 8, 2008

Hairball in the Christmas Tree

This is Little Sis.

This is Little Sis's hair.

I shall now take you back to a special Christmas many years ago when said hair was violently eaten by a hungry Christmas tree. 

Little Sis was about 5 years old. She and her older brothers were having some fun in the front room. We must have been pretty bored because the entire family happened to be congregated in the front room, watching the fun. Each brother held an arm and a leg, and they were swinging Little Sis, "one, two, three!" and launching her onto the couch. It happened to be Christmastime, and the tree stood proudly in front of the window, across from the couch.

As the fun escalated, so did the pendulum's reach - Little Sis being the pendulum. The boys swung her one last time: "One... two... three!" And in one motion, Little Sis was flung onto the couch, the tree had inexplicably landed on top of her, and she was screaming her tiny head off! We thought the tree had just scraped her up a little bit, or that the ordeal had scared her. As we lifted the tree and put it back in its place, we noticed a substantial tuft of blonde hair sitting innocently on a branch. Sure enough, when we examined Little Sis, there was a nickel-size bald spot in the middle of her scalp.

We never miss the opportunity to warn Little Sis to stay away from rogue Christmas trees.


Jill Johnson said...

That is so funny!!

Shaneleee said...

I laughed through the whole story. I can just picture it happening and that would only happen once in a life time. What a fun memory to tell her future husband.

Chelsey said...

Any baby? Call us when your little guy arrives(or just call grandma and i'll get the message) Good luck!

Agent Pepper said...

Yes, thank you Meili for dishing out that lovely story to the world so other people can make fun of me for what wasn't my fault. : )

I actually think it's pretty funny, but only because the hair grew back and I no longer have a bald spot.

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